Mandinka Roots is an international drumming company delivering exceptional Schools Workshops, Corporate Events, Birthday Party’s, Weddings, Festivals teambuilding events, conference sessions and interactive shows. We give each person an African djembe drum and within seconds come together in the drum pulse to create an irresistible, high-energy drum orchestra that unites everyone with a positive, energising and uplifting musical result. We harness the power of the drumbeat, the universal rhythm that’s the basis of all music, for all people, in all cultures. Guaranteed to inspire, motivate and unite!Since 2003 thousands of people in hundreds of Schools and businesses have enjoyed drumming with us. Every event a 100% success!If you can play together you can work together Mandinka Roots have been teaching children and adults about West African culture, both in the UK and abroad, since 2005. Oumar Alex Sagna is originally from Senegal where he worked as an artiste for many years in several Dakar based companies. A skilled dancer and percussionist, he teaches with an enthusiasm that is infectious.Since coming to live in the UK in 2005, Oumar Alex has passed on his love of West African music and dance to people from many different cultures. Through dance and drumming workshops in schools, he has given many hundreds of children the chance to experience African culture in a fun and exciting wayThrough adult workshops too, he has passed on his knowledge of percussion and dance to many people, from all age groups and walks of life. all over Europe. Workshops for adults are informal and some come about when a group interested in African culture get together and decide they need a professional teacher. Many drum circles and dance groups form between friends without formal teaching but always find benefits from employing an experienced percussionist or dancer with first hand experience of the ‘real’ Africa. Oumar Alex can facilitate workshops on a regular basis if fairly local, or as a one off experience.Oumar Alex has been asked to facilitate workshops for all kinds of events: hen/stag nights, parties for kids or adults, wedding celebrations, fundraising events and many more.As well as workshops, performances can also be arranged for any event that you can think of that might need a little African spice! Oumar Alex also facilitates corporate events such as teambuilding, conference energizers, interactive entertainment, percussion performance, and African Drum Shows through a brother company DRUMZONE(see contact page).He has also worked with Primary Workshops Through Schools,, Trap Media, Afric’Art, Education Group, Gloss Arts. Drum Café in Dubai and UK,  Jalikunda in Montserrat Island, and many more.


If you can play together you can work together