Team Building & Corporate Events

Mandinka Roots team building drumming workshop can act as an extraordinary release for individuals in a corporate environment, freeing people from their customary work roles and acting as a stimulating catalyst for team-building, boosting productivity and energy, developing positive relationships, bonding with your team and having fun! Our team building workshop is fun, educative, therapeutic and a meditative outlet.

Group drumming experiences enable teams to learn together, develop teamworks and create momentum for sustainable organizational change.
A natural organizer and energizer, rhythm and music-making provide powerful metaphors for team work that result in group synergy, leadership and developing a positive group dynamic. We bring inclusion to life within the team environment, as participants are encouraged to explore with the djembe, while remaining an integral part of the group.
At the same time, the positive energy generated by drumming acts as an excellent antidote to the stresses often generated in the workplace - and the freedom of expression that arises from drumming can give people a new and fresh perspective on their job roles, their colleagues and their work environments.

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We understand that every event is unique and we are committed to working with you to develop the ideal team building experience for your company or group. 
Our team building workshops are ideal for conferences, meetings, Christmas parties, seminars, product launches, ice-breakers, retreats and all corporate events. We can organize workshops for any number of people, from small groups up to large gatherings of up to several thousand people in sessions. We will bring an African djembe drum for each participant direct to your venue or we can help arrange a suitable venue for you.

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